"That wraps up Blake’s team going into the battle rounds. Off-hand, my favorites are Christian Porter, Holly Tucker, and Michelle Raitzin."

GirlsLife - Lauren Linhard

"...we took a listen and refuse to let it go unnoticed. With such a mature voice and unique sound, the album is definitely one to check out... Michelle hits her stride in “I’m Me” and through the rest of the CD...She doesn’t hide behind breathy scales or digital voice recordings, allowing you to fully appreciate her beautiful voice.

The interesting choice and use of instrumentation is also something to note. While most recording artists focus on the drums, bass, guitar and piano, this CD features trumpets, violins and castanets. The talent behind the music is just as apparent and impressive as the talent behind the vocals.
The ambition behind this album is to motivate you towards your dreams. As you sing along, you can feel the power and strength hiding inside you surface. A definite addition to anyone’s playlist..."

Anton Community Newspapers

"...This talented young woman, the winner of the WOR radio’s Shining Star contest, totally captivated the audience with her performance."


Make a Wish Foundation - DJ Ken Kojak

"...the incredible..sensation Michelle Raitzin..."

Great Neck Record - Amy Serwitz

"...with her warm stage presence and her beautiful soulful voice, opened the afternoon concert….while the hearts of the singer’s audience swelled with joy. The audience responded in kind with cheers and whistles,..." - Local Stars Bringing Holiday Joy to Schneider Children’s Hospital 

"The soccer fans chanted her name, swayed to the music when she sang..at half-time, and ran bumbling down the stadium bleachers to get the singers autograph. And then, with arms outstretched hanging over the stadium railing, fans excitedly reached for the singer for a high-five ..And yes, the singer was Great Neck’s Michelle Raitzin ...beautifully performed the national anthem a cappella."

Good Times Magazine

"...Rizing Pop Star......A BEAUTIFUL NEW VOICE..."